F.A.Q. – T’s & C’s

Q: How Do I go about booking Pink Champagne Wedding Band?

A: If we are available upon your enquiry we will send a detailed quote which will also contain information about up and coming viewing dates!

Q: Who is the booking co-ordinator and can i be rest assured that my email responses will be prompt? 

A: Cathal is a Pink Champagne band member and Pink Champagnes full-time booking co-ordinator. Be rest assured that not only will your booking process be plane sailing, he will also be part of the band on the night | All emails, phone calls are answered promptly! For us the administration is as important as the music on the night!

Q.  Will the band i book at the showcase be the band i get on the night? 

A. Pink Champagne pride themselves on not only offering a great nights entertainment but providing the band that you BOOK and see at the showcase! We are also members of the “Wedding Band Association“. Pink Champagne has hosted the same core musicians for over 10 yrs! Be aware of bands sending out multiple line up to different wedding on the same night under the same BAND NAME! Thats right, it happens. However, in the event a band member falls sick, we will be able to provide a replacement. 

Q: Do you require a deposit to secure the booking ?

A: We require a  deposit to secure a booking. No booking is secure with-out deposit.

Q: Is the booking fee refundable ?


Please ensure to read the following:
Terms and conditions – Also noted on our website.

*Booking fee is non refundable in the event the band is booked with-in a 12 month time frame from wedding date. *The booking fee is refundable up until satisfactory viewing, once the band has been viewed the booking fee becomes non refundable 24hr post viewing. Booking fee is refundable outside the 12 month period subject to viewing term* Booking fee is non refundable in the event the wedding is cancelled with in a 12 month time frame from the wedding date *Booking fee is transferrable to a new date, pending on availability and once the date is transferred the booking fee becomes non refundable. *50% balance is requested in the event the booking is cancelled anytime from three months out and up to the wedding date (we will waiver this on compassionate grounds). Booking fee is non refundable after a time frame of six months from when paid.

Q: How long do Pink Champagne play for ?

A: Pink Champagne play a dynamic, high energy set for 3 hours inclusive of short interval for afters food, this is based on 9pm – midnight.  Timings can vary, however if things run late Pink Champagne will perform later – IE: 12:30am

Q: Do Pink Champagne travel around Ireland ?

A: Yes, Pink Champagne Travel around Ireland, however there is an additional charge to travel outside of Leinster. We’ve been to every corner of the World and travelling is never an issue.

Q: Do Pink Champagne learn the first dance of your choice ?

A: Indeed,  Pink Champagne will learn the first dance of your choice. We’re always up for a challenge!

Q: When do we pay the remaining balance?

A: The remaining balance is paid on the night either before Pink Champagne start or during the interval.

Q: Can Pink Champagne supply the | church music | Pre-dinner music | DJ?

A: Yes, Pink Champagne can provide church music, pre-dinner music and DJ. We provide a full days entertainment.

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