Tips on booking your Wedding Bands in Ireland

Tips on booking your Wedding Bands In Ireland 

Firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Cathal Molloy – Booking co-ordinator and band member of Pink Champagne Wedding band, one of Irelands most sought after wedding bands. As i have been a band member and booking co-ordinator for Pink Champagne for nearly ten years, i would like to think i can offer you some key tips that will help you when looking to book a band for your wedding. Planning a wedding is a tough task and in most cases you will only do it once, right?

In this blog i will be highlighting some key tips that i think are of most importance when in search for the perfect wedding band. I have started with a paragraph that ideally should be last in the chain, but i feel its most important to touch on this subject first.

Beware: Will the band you book be the band you get?

Great, you have gone to various showcases and found a band that you like! Your search for a band is now over. But hang on, the band you booked are not the band that show up at your wedding! Crash, boom, bang! Now before i go any further, musicians are subject to getting sick, therefore it might be the case that one member can not make it, we all get sick right? But not the whole band!! In the case that a completely different band turns up on one of the biggest nights of your life, well, this is simply inexcusable!

Pink Champagne wedding band and a lot of the other professional top wedding bands in Ireland have had the same core band members from the beginning.

Where do i start?

In alot of cases word of mouth is sometimes the best way to find out about a great wedding band. If you have no recommendation then a simple google search will give you an endless list of Wedding Bands in Ireland . There are also websites that will list an array of suppliers, these sites can be very useful as they also host forums where people leave comments about lots of topics.

Here are links to some of the main platform sites



One Fab Day

Shortlisting my Wedding bands

Ok, you have now took all the various channels in search of your Wedding band. But how in Gods name do you condence down the amount of choices available to you? From the beginning you might have an idea of the type of band you want? For example – Do you want a female or male singer or maybe both? Do you want a Brass section, saxophone, trumpet? Do you want a smaller two/three piece band to suit smaller venue and budget, standard four/five piece band or a twelve piece band to play bigband style music, something that you enjoy? Making these decisions early on will really help you shortlist the bands that you might like.

In most cases the most popular wedding bands will be four/five piece. Pink Champagne wedding band have bass|singer, guitar|singer, drummer|singer & keyboards|trumpet, which certainly covers alot of ground. All band members sing and keyboard player doubles up on trumpet. Shortlisting is important, otherwise to many choices leads to alot of viewings and more confusion in the long run.

Wedding band Videos

Websites and wedding band videos will always have an influence on helping you make a shortlist. However, something that we always strongly advice is that you go and see the band in a live setting, wedding bands will always have a showcase event in which you can go along and view the band. Pink Champagne have various videos that showcase the band, one that was actually recorded at a Real wedding in Killashee House Hotel back in 2012. Although this video gives a true representation of Pink Champagne performing at a real wedding, we still like to invite couples along to our showcases. To many times i have heard couples saying they seen videos of some bands that looked and sounded amazing, but upon viewing the band it was a totally different experience. So think twice before you look and book in relation to online videos!

I have listed four key questions that you should ask before booking your band, these questions are important ones, especially the first one, don’t be afraid to ask them!

  1. Will the band i book be the exact band that i get for my wedding?
  2. How long will the band play for & what time will they finish?
  3. Will you learn my first dance?
  4. Is my deposit refundable?


Please see Pink Champagne perform here

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